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Street Church

Street church is a community church located in (DTES) Canada's poorest inner-city neighborhood

with all the challenges from homelessness to all kinds of addiction.

Street Church serves the essential needs of the DTES neighborhood,

such as a hot meal, cup of coffee or a cold glass of water or juice, a place of comfort and rest.

we also provide clothing, shoes, coats, and blankets all which is donated.

As it is especially important to feed the hungry body, it is even more critical to feed the heart, mind, and soul.

We continue to outreach to the homeless in our efforts of building a membership of believers to serve the Lord and be discipled.

Street church is part of the Canadian Foursquare Church, a fellowship of churches across Canada and around the world. 

We are happy to announce that FNBC will be changed to
Creator's Discipleship Center.

Assistant Pastor 

Mike Mckay and Cecille Mckay office Administration 

Both Mike and Cecille Mckay are Graduates of the First Nations Bible Collège.

During this time of the pandemic the BC Health Authorities have put a stop to in-;person church service.
 However we are allowed to serve our street guests as long as we pack their meals in a bag, grab and go so to speak. We have been making soups and pastas to add to their to go food packs, if anyone would like to donate a pot of soup or pasta send me an Email. or text 236-888-4530

Kathy Stuart

worship leader

Kathy is a graduate of First Nations Bible College.


Make donations 


Street Church

175 East Hastings 

Lead Pastor Christina

Phone: 236-888-4530

Street Church

mailing address:

P.O. box 78029

Vancouver B.C.


Virgil Dawson 

leading a Men's talking circle.


Cecille and Pastor Mike  Mckay 

teaching bible course series 


Pastor Christina Dawson

leading a grief healing circle


Kathy Stuart
Worship Leader


Greetings in the name of Jesus, Everyone, for those who do not know me,

my name is Christina Dawson I am the Lead pastor of Street church.

my Assistant Pastor is Michael Mckay

We just want to extend a word of thanks to all for Tithes, offerings and Donations that continues to come in through the

etranfer at:

our mailing address:

Street Church

PO Box 78029

Vancouver BC, Canada


for more information check out our website At

Again Thanks and many Blessings send your way.

Pastor Christina