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Street Church 1993-2023

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Street Church has been a part of the DTES community for 30 years.

Street Church was founded by Late Pastor Randy Barnetson and Cheryl Bear in 1993.

The loss of our Lead pastor Randy Barnetson was devastatingly the end of an era and a beginning of a new, as his assistant Pastor I was his successor.

Our hope was to be able to establish a congregation, in which we faced many challenges.

It felt as if the cards were stacked against us. it just so happened that we came in during the pandemic years, as we followed the regulation that were set in place for churches that had a feeding program for the homeless.

these times was not easy to build a congregation, as we had to quickly serve the people and not allow them stay indoors too long to stay under the allowable number of the Covid19 restrictions.

I thank Jesus that there never was an outbreak of Covid19 at

Street Church.

Many people of all walks of life have come and gone from Street Church over the years. (sadly many members and leaders have passed away)

kitchen volunteers, Worship Leaders, guest speakers, teachers,

and students of the First Nations Bible College.

Street Church was a training ground through the bible college to prepare many to out into the field of reaching out on mission trips to other countries, cities, towns and villages.

the Lord’s commission to us is to reach out to all Nations around the world, found in (Matthew 28:19-20)

at times the mission field was found right in our backyard as we have faithfully reached out to the hungry, the poor and the homeless in the DTES.

Thanks to the many groups from across Canada, the United States, through out North America and around the world who have come to serve with us.

however, the meeting place on 175 East Hasting/Main

time was cut short on July 06,2022 due to ARSON.

Since the building burnt, we have had a difficult time finding a new meeting place.

Jesus followed by example and led by example.

He followed the word of God, and lead us with the word of God, and we must do the same.

However, Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada has decided to close Street Church.

But that is not the end for us, my husband and I have decided to carry on planting another church, as we believe that when God closes one door, He will open another. Our plan is to reach out to Families to be able to create a family-oriented church congregation, and EVERYONE would be welcomed. I will announce more plans as they come together.

God bless, many thanks to everyone who faithfully supported Street Church, in cash donations, clothing, food, and first and foremost the Love of Jesus.

This has been very difficult for me to write.

Pastor Christina Dawson


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