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Those are the words I heard on my phone from a hysterical woman, at about 9:45pm

my husband and I were settling down after returning from what is now known as our last Street Church service at 175 East Hastings, DTES. Panic, and disbelieve rose up in my mind. Virgil and I gathered ourselves up and ran all the way down to Hastings and Main. as we arrived, I spoke to the officers at the scene, I told them I am the Lead Pastor of Street Church. The officer was able to tell me that the Fire was started in the back alley in our back door, and that it began around 9:30pm .

This is a great devasting event that my husband and I are getting through along with my Assistant Pastor Michael Mckay and his wife Cecille, and our congregation, Volunteers and all the People we serve who are homeless living in tents on Hastings Street.

My son Cosmos is very devastated, he is the Kitchen Supervisor for Street Church, and the care taker as well., and usually checked on the church in the late evening.

Yes we are in the process of looking for a new location in the immediate area, we are hoping for a ground level building, some of the people that come have walkers wheel chairs and have trouble with the long staircase.

In the mean time we will be keeping up with the food services; many thanks to the DTES Churches who are allowing us use of their kitchen to prepare hotdogs, which is coordinated by the Salvation army to help us get back on our feet so to speak. keep us in prayer for that.

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